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· 20+ years of automation engineering.

· Leading edge technology development, robotics, machine vision, high speed digital circuit design.

· Utilized FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), developed a highly reliable turnkey controls package for independent blade pitch controls of 750 Kilowatt and 1.5 Megawatt Wind turbines.

· Designed and developed system hardware and software architecture.  Including controls and the VHDL program for custom circuit boards.

· Developed a sensor and controls scheme to permit the pitch controls to modulate the commanded blade pitch by the blade’s proximity to the ground.  This reduced the cyclic loading of the bearings.

Wind Turbines Blade Pitch Controller — Design, Development and Testing

You envisioned it. We make it a reality.

Motion and Vision Systems Controls

· Developed a programming scheme that enabled multiple threads of execution within the Visual Basic development environment (customer requirement).

· Designed a complete set of vision tools to calibrate and scale 7 axis to each other.

Solder Paste Machine Controls — Design and Development

· Controls hardware and software design for a precision 300 Ton profiling press, ±0.0015 inches position control, ±0.2% force control.

· Developed the controls package for a new low cost Insert Injection molding machine.  The cost reduction features were then migrated to the existing product line.

· Presented the “Advantages of Insert Molding” seminar for a SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) meeting.

Injection Molding and Hydraulic Presses — System Development and Manufacturing

· Developed software and servo setup for high accuracy, custom, 6 servo axis robots that accelerated at 6 g's and achieved a peak velocity of 160 inches per second and settled to within 0.001 inches of commanded position in 50 milliseconds.  The robots are highly configurable pick and place machines, integrated with Semi-Conductor production processes such as visual inspection, test, burn-in and laser mark of microprocessors and memory.

Semiconductor Automated Manufacturing Equipment — Design and Development

· Utilized an InfraRed Spectrometer to determine the thickness of a proprietary material laminated onto silicon.  The thickness was measured to resolution of 0.1 microns.

· Primary task was digital signal analysis.  Signal analysis and filtering techniques included Least squares fit, Fourier Analysis, Band pass filter and Low pass filter.

Thickness Gauge Utilizing InfraRed Spectrometer—Digital Signal Analysis and Algorithms

· Developed high speed custom Color vision routine to permit a metal recycler to sort Foreign Object Debris (FOD) out of a stream of cleaned titanium metal chips.  This vision analysis was done in real time.

· Designed  structured laser lighting scheme to permit a SCARA robotic handler to inspect the lead locations on a dip package.  This lighting scheme gave the vision system 21/2 dimensions of  measurement information.

Inspection Utilizing Vision — Design and Development

· Developed the customers first system to utilize the USB bus architecture.

· Developed new CNC operator interface that doubled CNC product line sales.  The new interface, reduced the number of configurations, eased assembly and changed the look to a more modern one.

User Interface and Controller — Design and Development

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