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In the world of engineering, it is not often that we get a chance to benchmark our work.  However, at Blackstone Controls we look forward to the opportunity to benchmark our expertise against the competition.

· The project was specified by the customer.  They had a custom 4 phase platen motor that was to be controlled by Delta Tau servo controls.  Note, most motors are 3 phase so this application required a custom phasing routine.

· The competition worked on this project for 4 weeks.  At the end of 4 weeks the platen motor was not under closed loop control.

· After the customer brought in Blackstone Controls, within 2 weeks the custom phasing routine was completed and the motor was under closed loop servo control.

· The competition was a well respected and well known engineering firm.

· Results were delivered in better than 1/2 the time required by the competition.

Custom Servo motor control


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Motion and Vision Systems Controls

· The customer paid a factory representative of a vision tool company to develop a feature detection algorithm.  The results were to slow and the failure rate was to high.  The algorithm was detecting the wrong features.

· Blackstone developed a new routine that executed in 1/2 the time.

· The new routine was at least 100 times as accurate in detecting the correct feature.  Once the accuracy was proven to be 100 times greater the testing was stopped.

Vision Algorithm



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